WORKSHOP with Tamás Szvet and Klara Petra Szabó
as part as the Inhabitant Zero Residency Program 2017
25.03.2017. / 29.03.2017.
Kalejdohill, Järfälla, Stockholm / SWEDEN

The House of Silent collaboration project created for Kalejdohill, as part as the Inhabitant Zero Residency Program. Together we designed a practice of silence, for the locals and for ourselves. Our project proposed to collectively exercise silence and meditation practices in order to create new bonds among the participants, but also among the place and its future.

We had been working and living under complete silence during one month. We invited the community of Järfälla into the performance.  Everybody was able to join us and spend time with us in a creative process but inside the house nobody allow to speak.

With the visitors - during workshops - we developed a large scale map of the neighbourhood. We choose embroidering as a meditational technique for our project. The idea of the project was to discover the active togetherness. By not talking, we listen more actively, and without speech we do instead of asking.

The community developed installation accompanied with an audio recording, proving the practice of silently active togetherness. The recorder [ZOOM] is capturing sound sources in the centre with clarity and with a full 360° stereo. The audio played during the exhibition introducing the sounds of the house to evoke an acute awareness of the surrounding space.

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