Hsinchu Art Site of Railway Warehouse, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2021. Oct. 9 – Oct. 24

ART GYM is an artistic training user-friendly for all ages for the new normal, as the worldwide pandemic has changed nearly all habits and daily routines. The artworks are aiming to prepare visitors through a series of interactive works for this new chapter of our lives.

The exhibition is set up like a GYM and invites visitors to do some exercises. Physical training is among the daily activities that fell by the wayside while the virus was a threat, as most sports centers are frequently closed. To bring back some semblance of physical training, the artist created some special workout equipment. His inspiration came from the verbal support and compassion he experienced in daily conversations, showing how supportive the community is in Taiwan. He combines encouraging words with body movements, the kinesthetic; therefore, the interactive sculptures stimulate both body and mind. Using Traditional Chinese characters, with their philosophical meanings, the visitors can find inspiration and invigoration in both culture and sport, as these two can give a feeling of strength, support, and power. 

加油! 藝術健身房



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