PANORAMA / 全景 (2021) (public sculpture, iron (Rebar), 5 x 5 x 3 m / 公共雕塑,鐵(鋼筋), 5 x 5 x 3 公尺) Date / 時間 : 2021-07-28 ~ 2021-12-31 地點Venue 蕭壠文化園區,鐵道區 Siao-Long Cultural Park, Railway Area, Created in the Siao-Long Cultural Park 蕭壠文化園區   during the ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE program in 2021 in Jiali  District, Tainan City, TAIWAN

On historical sites, one can always feel both the ​​presence and the absence of importance. These intangible qualities tend to be invisible. Persistence work, for example, can only be imagined through stories and artifacts behind the Siao-Long Sugar Manufacturing Company.  A Panoramic artwork is created, to bring the liveliness of the scenery by depicting the hard work, and visualizing the demolished surroundings. Stepping into the drawing-like structure, it surrounds the observer, while the 360° view aims to reconstruct what has long disappeared. The sculpture applies industrial metal, used for reinforcing man-made environments. This material is all around us, acting as invisible protection. It reveals itself only if coming out of the ruins, offering a track to follow, and calling the imagination to build upon. The installation is constructed on such hundred years old remains.




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