Besides his art activity Tamas Szvet decided to contribute more to society and became a VISUAL ARTS TEACHER. He has been practicing as a Faculty Member in the Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) 新竹縣美國學校 in Taiwan from 2019. He has taught Visual Arts (sculpture, drawing anatomy, drawing geometric, art history) between 2009-2012 in the Tömörkeny Istvan Art High School in Hungary before joining the team of HCAS.

HSINCHU COUNTY AMERICAN SCHOOL: Education for the 21st Century. An independent, college preparatory, co-education day school in Zhubei City, Taiwan with 360 students capacity for grades 12 all on one campus. Our mission is to educate the whole person using the Dalton Plan to develop informed, globally-minded, ethical, and caring individuals who contribute to humanity. Hsinchu County American School seeks to develop well-rounded students who can become leaders in today’s globalized society. HCAS provides an academically rigorous and progressive educational environment along with activities that will develop strong character in students. Find out more at https://hcas.tw/

PHOTO DOCUMENTATION of school projects and assignments: https://www.instagram.com/hcas_art/

Tamas Szvet: VISUAL ART SYLLABUS for 2019-2020 Academic Year in the Hsinchu County American School, Taiwan.

1st Quarter: VISION & MOTION
This topic is dedicated to celebrating BAUHAUS’s 100th year anniversary. The famous art school started in Germany and later moved to Chicago, and combined art with science and fine arts and applied arts together in a revolutionary way. Some assignments will recall the famous school, such as making stop motion animations or the visualization of music by painting.

2nd Quarter: ART & TRADITION
Focusing mainly on Taiwan, this topic aims to revitalize some traditional technics and focus on the local context, such as working with natural materials. Paper lantern decoration, pottery, and clay sculptures will all be connected to some relevant historical period and to the indigenous people of the region.  

We will dedicate some time to reuse or recycle materials and introduce the importance of the environment protection and other important contemporary issues. In addition to this period, we will also have theoretical and art history lectures, and the students will need to make their own research about chosen related topics.

4th Quarter: ART & TECHNOLOGY
Art, science and new technology will be applied together with the purpose to make the students become familiar with using technology and other related skills. For example, we will build a camera obscure out of paper or connect the cultural heritage with virtual reality.
All four quarters have a main focus on DIFFERENT MEDIUMS AND MATERIALS, and the school EVENTS AND CELEBRATIONS are also considered. During the year the students develop their self-expression, vision, imagination, spatial perception, and manual skills besides the HCAS 7 Cs values, which are the most essential traits students should have in order to be successful in the 21st Century. These seven traits are not only meant for students to succeed academically, but also to develop their ability to contribute positively to the world community. CONTRIBUTION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNITY, COMPASSION, CRITICAL THINKING, COLLABORATION, CREATIVITY.

VIDEO DOCUMENTATION of school projects and assignments:

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