現地公共雕塑創作 site-specific public sculpture, iron 10.3 x 9.8 x 3.8 m
總爺藝文中心Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center, 臺南市麻豆區南勢里總爺5號 Madou, Tainan, TAIWAN

I discovered the foundation of a house in the park of Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center and I thought about the invisible. The vanished building was a public bath, a part of the living quarter in the Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Company, where there are still some buildings left as historical monuments to the legacy of the rich history of Taiwan’s sugar industry.

I created a site-specific artwork as I welded the silhouette of the missing architecture. I used iron as a symbol of industrialization and I painted it red as the ‘red thread’ representing a kind of peace, protection, connection, and establishing a relationship. 

I’ve researched into the archived images of the buildings and interviewed local people about their collective memories. Therefore, instead of presenting a complete reconstruction work, I also leave some spaces for imagination.

The work focuses on the Immaterial Cultural Heritage, things which are intangible, such as the daily life of the factory workers, stories of local culture, and things that have already disappeared. By making the invisible visible, the artwork aims to arouse people’s awareness of the rich cultural landscape. By connecting the past and the present, it highlights the importance of immaterial values, which culture itself is based on.

托馬斯.史維特(匈牙利, 1982) 為視覺藝術家,熱衷探索感知、記憶、以及不可見領域。2018年,其以文科博士(DLA)學位,畢業於布達佩斯的匈牙利藝術大學。史維特的藝術研究著重在拓展人類視野的可能性,針對我們看事物的方式,他提出質疑並勾勒出不可見之面,例如:非物質的文化遺,他以現地創作的模式,創造出不同感知間的互動。其聚焦地域及社區的聯結性,進而介紹出不同的文化,並將其與重要的當代議題並列。












opening photos: 吳太
graphic design of the environmental protection promotion bag: Ákos Péter Komlovszky
archive photo from the book: 甜蜜時光 總爺糖廠故事 ISBN: 978-986-03-9103-9, 2013

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