light installation / Houkai-seki (calcite) crystal, 650W light beam / dimension variable / 2016 光のインスタレーション方解石、ピンスポットライト(650W)サイズ可変 / 2016年制作

The light installation is a part of the KEEPING SHADOWS project, made during the Akiyoshidai International Art Village - Artist in Residence Support Program 2016 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

The installation Creating Shadows is using the Houkai-seki calcite crystal, one mineral of the mountains of Yamaguchi.  The work refers to the geological position of Yamaguchi, because the name of the land also contains light and shadow. Chugoku region consists of two different parts, considering the way of the sun. The name of the upper part “san + in” = mountain + shadow. The lower part called: “san + you” = mountain + sun, because the mountains creating a line in between. Stones create the shadow in the land, which influenced the agricultural activities, therefore influence the folk life. Tradition is connected to that, so the mountains influence the culture.


KEEPING SHADOWS project 影を保つこと
Akiyoshidai International Art Village - Artist in Residence Support Program 2016 / 秋吉台国際芸術村 – trans_2015-2016

My project during the Artist in Residency Program at AIAV focuses on shadows. In my work 'shadow’ symbolises the past, memory, tradition, and the culture itself. The inspiration of my research is Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay: In Praise of Shadows (1933) * which introduces the important of shadow in Japanese culture. Tanizaki explains how bright light vanishes the small, but significant details of tradition, and how the atmosphere therefore changes. The soft natural light of the shoji paper lamp for example, replaced by the strong electric light, and even the moon-viewing is disturbed by the light pollution. Several installations connected together in the exhibition space with this topic.


Junichiro Tanizaki: In Praise of Shadows (1933) English translation by Leete’s Island Books, Inc. (1977) ISBN 0-918172-02


The report book of "trans_2015-2016" has been published! レジデンス・サポート“trans_2015-2016”の報告書が完成しました!

Read it online.:

AIAV trans_2015-2016 interview video

The Features of This Land  - “trans_2015-2016
(group exhibition)

AIAV - Akiyoshidai International Art Village - Artist in Residence Support Program

ドナルド・アバド Donald Abad (France)
タマシュ・スベット Tamás Szvet (Hungary)
山田哲平 Teppei Yamada (Japan)
クエンリン・サイ Kuenlin Tsai (Taiwan)
マリ・マキオ Mari Makio (Finland)
インセイン・パク Insane Park (Korea)

Opening 27th Feb. 18:30h

Date: 28th Feb.(Sun) – 7th Mar.(Mon) 10:00 – 17:00 (Admission free)


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