RELATION / newspaper, size variable, Krems 2015

The installation on window glass created during the Krems AIR artist in residency program.  The starting point was the huge windows in my studio room, which I often glance out to the city. Watching the word from the distance, I remembered Gaston Bachelard’s novel: The Poetics of Space (1958). In the essay the house represents a safe place, where the rooms are an imaginative expression of our private self.  We design our interior space according to our needs and desires, so we can feel free within it.  The attic for example good to hide things, like our unconscious, and the basement is where our fears stay. But what is the window than?  
Windows occupies a space between the personal and the public.  Looking out the window, we are aware of a place that exists between the internal and the external, a space where we can dream of achievements and plans as we peer into the world and see possibilities. So the windows are our eyes, and awareness of the reality, watching fearfully the world and its happenings.
The appearance of the scene out of the window might not chance, but when we know far away happenings, we fill the view with emotions, and fears. When we read the daily news in the newspaper – a strange material, what we throw away in the next day – we project the happenings of the world into our surrounding.
I cut out the picture from the daily newspaper, and covered the window with it. In this way we can observe our city with the titles of the articles. By this we can start to search the problems within our community, or we can see the changing and circulating topics, and wonder how our life is related to them.

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