Memoreis of John Cage

Zoë van Horenzeggen & Tamás Molnár & Tamás Szvet
Memories of John Cage
Performance M4gastatelier Amsterdam / NL

The Performance evening was organised by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy at M4gastatelier in Amsterdam. I realized this performance with the collaboration of Zoë van Horenzeggen and Tamás Molnár. We connected the piano and the ping pong table and to be able to transform the game into music. The interactive work was based on the action of the visitors playing ping pong in a separated room, while we observed them with security cameras. We used the table as a sheet music and played the piano in the exhibition hall, but the audience was also invited to play the music, after our presentation. Our performance was entitled Memories of John Cage. - All Rights Reserved © 2009 Tamas Szvet
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