“My artistic research investigates perception and looking for the possibilities to develop and augment it. My installations based on experiencing, rediscovering and reinterpreting different phenomena. Traditional and new media techniques mixed in the artistic process. I’m especially interested in light and the invisible. I use mostly natural materials because my work also dedicated to the protection of the environment. I work mainly on site-specific projects, with a focus on engagement with places and communities. I often refer to the collective memory – and use archives – to introduce different cultures, and juxtapose them with contemporary issues. I am interested in perception because the way of looking things can be used to unite and overcome, as much as to divide and shut out. I believe that the role of the artist in this process is unique, and through a continual exploration embodies a novel perspective. Throw my activity I question the way of seeing, and I generate interaction between different perceptions.” Tamas Szvet

“The works of Tamás Szvet, are essentially conceptual and intermediary. He is a complex thinker with a holistic approach who deeply believes that systematic scientific research as well as background studies on art history and theory are integral parts of the process leading up to the work. The result of this research-centered attitude is that the themes of his creations – or his artistic experiments – focus on ontological issues through pragmatic natural sciences. Consequently, the wide spectrum of the materials he uses is always subordinated to the concept: in addition to traditional materials and the classical video recorder and projector, he often adopts procedures or techniques from physics and digital technology (reflection, light, shadow, and their behavior in some special medium, such as vapor or augmented reality)…”* Noémi SZABÓ, (art historian; curator)

* Noémi SZABÓ: Light and Shadow - VISION, Pauker Collection, Pauker Holding Kft. ISBN 978-615-5456-37-4, 2018 - All Rights Reserved © 2009 Tamas Szvet
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