“My artistic research addresses light, and its effects and potential in augmenting sensation and perception. Light, as a tool for augmenting perception, is in the focus of my art research. It is the essential prerequisite of visual sensation, that is, fundamentally equal to eyesight and visibility. However, the use of light – with the drastic changes it has seen in the last two centuries – has an effect on, and is affected by perception. 

This process – in my perspective – can be the subject of primarily functional observation, and its most significant examples are the artistic developments that deal with light itself. My installations as well as my PhD research examines the act of directing light by the artist and considers the directed light, as the medium that augments and develops perception.

My installations based on experiencing, rediscovering and reinterpreting different phenomena. Traditional and new media techniques intermingle in the artistic process. Interaction is the key element of my activity and my works always call for participation. Through interaction the viewer became the explorer, the researcher and the creator themselves. I often refer to the collective memory – and use archives – to deepen the experience. …” Tamas Szvet - All Rights Reserved © 2009 Tamas Szvet
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