Klára Petra Szabó & Tamás Szvet 
project 2017
Kalejdohill, Jacobsberg,  Järfälla, Stockholm / SE

The collaboration created for the Inhabitant Zero Residency Program. Together with the artist Klára Petra Szabó, we designed a practice of silence, for the locals and for ourselves. Our project proposed to collectively exercise silence and meditation practices in order to create new bonds among the participants, but also among the place and its future.

Klára Petra Szabó & Tamás Szvet 
COLOUR KEEPING - colour code research  2016
Gallery KépKapTár, Hódmez
ővásárhely / HU

The exhibition presents an ongoing research in its process of reconstructing an authentic technique by collecting the receipts of the natural based pigments applied for the colouring of the embroidery in the Hungarian city Hódmezővásárhely. The artist couple wanted to use these colours, but they realised that there is a lack of documentation in the making.

Mari Mäkiö & Tamás Szvet 
LOCAL LIGHTS - interactive light installation, infra red light, handmade Japanese mino washi paper, dimension variable, 2016
AIAV Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi Prefecture / JP

In the installation the visitors most memorable places in Yamaguchi Prefecture were collected. After writing down the coordinates, infra red (IR) lights are placed under the map of Akiyoshidai. The IR lights are not visible with human eye, but by using mobile phone camera the content becomes visible

Klára Petra Szabó & Tamás Szvet
COOPERATION / video performance / HD video 13’45” / 2014

The performance created by the artist couple: Klára Petra Szabó and Tamás Szvet. After 15 years relationship, their goal is to solve the Rubik cube together. In the performance Szvet uses his left hand, while Szabó uses her right hand, without any (verbal) communication. The work is aiming to generate cooperation within the individuals.

Takahashi Atsuko & Tamás Szvet  
 ONTAKESAN MEMORIAL / ikebana, stone, handmade rope from handmade mino washi paper / installation /20x30x300cm / 2014
MINO AIR - Paper Art Village Project  / Mino City, Gifu Prefecture / JP

The installation is cooperation with Takahashi Atsuko san. She arranged the ikebana for the work. Above the flower arrangement, a five kilogram stone hangs on handmade paper rope. The braid created by Tamás Szvet, who learned the technique from the elderly of Mino city, and used locally produced handmade paper by Hidekazu Ishihara.

Andrea Gombos & Bajóta (Balázs József Tamás) & Tamás Szvet
“What should the artwork be like?" 
 public art installation, 2012
(MeetFactory -Prague;
ArtMarket Budapest)

Our work is an attempt to create a democratic art piece. The project starts with gathering information, regarding what the hypothetical art piece should be like. The visitors get to contribute to the final outcome with their personal input.

Zoë van Horenzeggen & Tamás Molnár & Tamás Szvet:
Performance M4gastatelier Amsterdam 2011

The Performance evening was organised by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy at M4gastatelier in Amsterdam. We connected the piano and the ping pong table and to be able to transform the game into music. The interactive work was based on the action of the visitors playing ping pong in a separated room, while we observed them with security cameras.

Erik Mátrai; Szilvia Takács; Róbert Németh; Tamás Szvet
 site specific installation, varies in size, light; smog / Feszty-ház  Budapest / HU
2010 (C.1.: 26.10.2010.17.00-20.00h, C.2.: 17.11.2010.18.00-20.00h)

Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) group project organised by Tamás Körösényi in the Feszty House Budapest in 2010. The installation built out of light and smog. The space specific work reflected to the building main hall and structure.

14ºN 32ºW - A virtual art exhibition on the Moon 
project by Christopher Hodson /2009

"Art and the moon! Superstition, mythology, legend and ritual have linked the human race to the moon in a directly artistic way through the ages - various illustrations, fables and stories over centuries across cultures in all languages, culminating in the childhood tales we all remember, of the mystical "man in the moon".

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